Phonica is released and available at Esc.rec (2010).

Six tracks or audiovisuals for your mobile phone.
An Experimental album featuring Robert Witt, Garçon Taupe, MONOFOOB, Radboud Mens and AvoidAudio.

Coming soon a mobile application wil be released at Esc.rec (2010).
Cooperation project between and record label Esc.rec.

Artists have been asked to make sounds and animations designed for cell phones. The artwork reacts on the cell phone signal, battery and time values. AvoidAudio is making content and scripts and is testing and developing the application further for this release. The collection of all artists work will maybe be released on Micro SD card.

Available soon!

Album 'backyard clay' performed by Morning King is in production (2010).

Sound recording and mastering of the album is done by AvoidAudio.